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Our fine fingerprint jewelry ring line consists of our collection of heart signet rings, small circle and large medallion rings and fingerprint bands.  Each ring can be created with a fingerprint, inked handprint or footprint or a Love Note.  Our new earring line includes fingerprint post and drop earrings.  Each post or drop earring can be created in a circle, heart, fancy heart or square.  All our rings, earrings and bracelets are available in sterling silver, 14k and 18k yellow, white, rose and green gold.


Our family fingerprints line includes a ring that can be created with the entire family's fingerprints.  Our fingerprint bands can be created with a section of one fingerprint or many fingerprints on one ring.  Our family fingerprints cuff bracelet is created with fingerprints from the entire family.  Engraving is included with each fine fingerprint jewelry keepsake.  Our fingerprint heart signet ring can be created with a Love Note, signature or handwriting of your loved on underneath the heart.  The highest quality birthstones and diamonds can be added to make your keepsake even more meaningful.  Our circle fingerprint ring and large medallion ring can created with fingerprints or a baby or child's handprints or footprints.  Our fingerprint post earrings can be created with one fingerprint for both earrings or a fingerprint for each.  Our fingerprint drop earrings can be created with one print or up to four with each earring having a fingerprint back to back.  Our designs and limitless. 


Each fingerprint or thumbprint jewelry keepsake ordered is commissioned and custom crafted, cast and finished by hand.  Any surface variations is to be expected and adds to the natural beauty and individuality of these hand crafted unique fingerprint jewelry.  We believe in providing a beautifully crafted quality keepsakes.  We guarantee our workmanship, product quality and customer satisfaction.


Imprint On My Heart Custom Fingeprint Jewelry KeepsakesImprint On My Heart Custom Fingerprint Jewelry KeepakesImprint On My Heart Custom Fingerprint Jewelry Keepsakes


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