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Pet Paw and Nose Print Keepsake Jewelry & Memorials

Sterling Silver Dog Paw Relief Paperweight

Sterling Silver Cast Nose Relief Ring

Bronze Cat Paw Relief

Sterling Silver Cat Nose Relief Medallion Ring

Sterling Silver Dog Nose Relief Cremation Ash Pendant

Bronze Large Dog Paw Print Relief Paperweight

Sterling Silver Dog Paw Print Impression

Sterling Silver Small Paw Print and Nose Print Relief

Sterling Silver Small Dog Nose Print Relief

Sterling Silver Large Heart Pendant with Re-Sized Dog Paw Print and 4mm Amethyst

Sterling Silver Small Dog Paw Print Relief

Sterling Silver Cat Paw Print Ornament

Sterling Silver Cat Nose Print


Our Pets Gallery features dog and cat paw and nose prints.  We can use impressions from dogs, cats and other pets.  Large dog paw prints can be shrunk down to fit a keepsake design for everyday wear.  We also offer our pet nose and paw prints as an impression or as a relief.  We all love our pets!


All of our custom pet paw print and nose print keepsake designs are available in .925 sterling silver; 14k yellow, white, and rose gold and 18k yellow gold through the art of lost wax casting.  We also off all of our pet paw and nose keepsakes in bronze.  Engraving is complimentary with your keepsake order.  Now offering pet paw relief paperweights in bronze.  Create a bronze pet paw relief paperweight, pet paw pendant or a memorial for your beloved pet in bronze.


Each paw or nose print keepsake ordered is commissioned and custom crafted, cast and finished by hand.  Any surface variations is to be expected and adds to the natural beauty and individuality of these hand crafted unique fingerprint jewelry.  We believe in providing a beautifully crafted quality keepsakes.  We guarantee our workmanship, product quality and customer satisfaction.


Please e-mail us or call 888-515-8324 if you have any questions about our products.


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