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Colorful Acrylic Fingerprint Jewelry

Fingerprint Acrylic Jewelry - Puzzle Piece, Tag and Soccer Ball

Mirror Acrylic Baby Footprint Tag

Fingerprint Acrylic Split Heart in Pink

Decorative Fingerprint Acrylic Tag shown in Transparent Kiwi

Acrylic Fingerprint Tennis Ball

Acrylic Fingerprint Baseball in Solid Green

Acrylic Puzzle Piece in Purple

Acrylic Fingerprint Bird shown in Clear Mirror

Fingerprint Acrylic Volley Ball

Fingerprint Acrylic Basketball

Acrylic Fingerprint Fish in Ivory

Acrylic Fingerprint Football in Brown

Mirror Clear Acrylic Fingerprint Dog Tag

Acrylic Fingerprint Angel in Ivory

Acrylic Fingerprint Split Heart in Clear Mirror

Acrylic Fingerprint Split Heart in Clear Mirror

Acrylic Fingerprint Cross in Ivory

Acrylic Crest in Transparent Sky Blue

Acrylic Fingerprint Family Jewelry

Acrylic Fingerprint Soccer Ball in Blue

Acrylic Fingerprint Fish

Acrylic Fingerprint Dove in Ivory

Acrylic Dog Paw Print Tag

Mirror Orangle Acrylic Fingerprint Tag

Mirror Red Acrylic Fingerprint Heart

Mirror Blue Acrylic Fingerprint Tag

Transparent Yellow Arcylic Fingerprint Tag

Transparent Green Glass Acrylic Fingerprint Oval

Mirror Purple Acrylic Fingerprint Oval

Transparent Blue Fingerprint Dog Tag

Mirror Teal Acrylic Fingerprint Dog Tag

Transparent Clear Acrylic Fingerprint Tag

Mirror Pink Acrylic Fingerprint Heart

Transparent Purple Acrylic Fingerprint Heart

Transparent Purple Acrylic Fingerprint Tag

Transparent Black Acrylic Fingerprint Dog Tag

Mirror Clear Acrylic Fingerprint Oval

Transparent Black Acrylic Fingerprint Circle

Transparent Blue Acrylic Fingerprint Tag

Transparent Purple Acrylic Fingerprint Oval

Transparent Blue Acrylic Fingerprint Dog Tag


Offer a unique twist on our fingerprint jewelry pendant lines.  Transparent and mirror acrylic with your fingerprint impression, baby hand print or footprint, or your pet's paw print.  Create a truly unique gift that is strong and durable.  Many color options and mirror color options to choose from make it even more exciting.  Wear as jewelry as a pendant or charm or use on your key chain, purse tag, or as a tag for your back pack.  Customized jewelry is our business.  Let us know if you have any questions and would like to create a unique piece, just for you!  Please contact us by email at custom(at) or at 888-515-8324.


Transparent acrylic colors include glass green, blue, purple, fluorescent yellow, black, orange, yellow, green and red.  Clear mirror colors include clear, pink, green, gold, purple, light and dark blue, purple, yellow, red and teal.  New for 2013 - we have solid acrylic colors, tortoise shell, pastels and two-tone acrylic colors.  Contact us to create a beautifully crafted acrylic fingerprint keepsake. 


Our acrylic pieces are cut for the design, so you can be creative with your fingerprint keepsake.  We offer the custom fingerprint acrylic keepsakes as a lower cost, non-metal option.   We have the lowest cost fingerprint jewelry keepsakes that you can still customize.  Include handwriting and/or engraving.  Include a footprint along with the fingerprints.  Your options are endless.  Our acrylic fingerprint jewelry is perfect for children, teenagers and anyone who is looking for a colorful, fun fingerprint jewelry pendant. 


All of our acrylic keepsakes can be created with a dog or cat's paw or nose print.  Just send in a photocopy or high resolution scan of your pet's paw or nose print.  Create a memorial or keepsake of your precious pet.  Customize your keepsake with the engraving of your choice.  We also offer many bronze pieces of your pet's paw or nose.  We can create a bronze dog paw or cat paw relief for a paperweight or sculpture artwork.  Contact us with any questions.



Please e-mail us or call 888-515-8324 if you have any questions about our products.


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